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Medical Tube Technology is an American Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Tubing

We manufacture all of our tubing using two basic methods, the first method "OUR STANDARD PRODUCT" is plug drawn up stream, followed by sinks to the finish size. This process has only one intermediate anneal, the weld zone, while homogenized, will still be visible. The surface condition is better than that of a welded and manufactured by sinking tube. (Standard Hypodermic needle stock) The ID cleanliness and consistency is improved over welded and manufactured by sinking tubing as well. The second "OUR PREMIUM PRODUCT, SMOOTH BORE" is completely plug drawn. This product is drawn with an ID Plug from start to finish. This, in conjunction with at least two intermediate anneals, allows the weld zone to fully homogenize into the base metal.The ability to hold very tight tolerances as well as ID cleanliness are key features to this product. This method provides our customers the "SMOOTHEST BORE" possible and the tightest tolerances available in the industry. We supply the full compliment of Hypodermic Needle gauge sizes as well as any special requirement sizes that you may have. We excel in the area of tight tolerances and "SMOOTH BORE" IDs for those special projects that will not allow you to use standard Hypodermic needle stock. All stock sizes can be shipped within 24 hours directly off of our shelves and onto yours!

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